Welcome to my Photoshop section!
Here I've gathered my different PS tutorials.
Do you have any suggestions about new tutorials, or do you need help of any kind, please post the questions in the FORUM !
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Learn how to create the awesome Matrix text effect. By Faceless.
4 ways to convert your color pictures into black and white!
Soft desaturated colors
This is the technique I've used on one of Emilie's portraits
Computer Mouse
Photoshop 7
Step by step how to create your own computer mouse.

Pattern Wire
Photoshop 7
Nifty pattern wires.

The Healing brush &
The Patch tool
Photoshop 7
Simply magical!
Chrome buttons
Photoshop 6
Great buttons for your interfaces and homepages.

Chrome Bug
Photoshop 6
How to use gradients and curves to create cool metallic bugs.

Slicing images
Image Ready
A very quick and simple way to slice and save your images.

Interface tutorial
Photoshop 6
HUGE tutorial on how I make my interfaces.
Cartoon eyes
Photoshop 6
Eyes bonanza :)
Bubble Gum text
Photoshop 6
Really smooth and yummy plastic text.

Liquify tool
Photoshop 6
Let's have some fun!!!

Pixelated shadow
PS 5.5 and PS 6
An easy but very effective text effect.
Photoshop 6
Neat, quick and easy buttonbar.


PS 5.5 and PS 6

Easy tutorial on how to work with patterns 
Speaker 1  
Photoshop 6
A great speaker for your interfaces!
Plastic and chrome.
Photoshop 5.5
Here is how I made my plastic/chrome buttons.
Plastic text
Photoshop 5.5
Really shiny plastic text!
Rust text
Here's how I made the text in the Rust texture tutorial...
Chrome text
Photoshop 5.5
Learn how to make chrome effect usually made by plug-in filters
How to apply insets to your designs. 
Segmented pipes.
A quick and easy way to make realistic looking pipes.
Learn how to make that cool chrome-looking sphere.
Button and Channels.
This is how I make my chrome buttons.
Here's a way to make screws for your interfaces.
Pushed in text.
A quick and easy way to make your text look pushed in.
Here's a way to make that cool carved out text.
Inset lines.
How to make those neat inset lines.
Rust texture
A really rusty and rough texture.
Bevel and Emboss.
A very simple way to add some cool text effects.
Gold text.
A very quick and easy way to make gold text.
Transp. beveled text
Photoshop 6
A stunning text effect when you want your background to show through your letters
Anders Qvicker
PS Workshop
Photoshop Cafe
Action FX
Screaming Art
Norvegian site - Lot's of great FREE services
Linecraft Grafics

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