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Fig. 1

Create a new document, and add your desired background color.

Then create a new layer (layer 1) and select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a shape similar to mine in figure 1.

PS! Make sure the Create Filled Region is checked .
Then we can alter the shape later on without first having to rasterize the layer .


Fig. 2

Then download and add this layerstyle. (Save it to the styles folder in PS 6 - Presets - Styles).

Duplicate the layer and call it layer 2 (oh yes - I'm just sooooo creative with the layer names today :o)


Fig. 3

Still at layer 2 select the Move Tool and drag out some helpful Guides according to figure 3. You do this by simply clicking and draging them out from the Rulers.
Then select the Polygonal Lasso Tool and make a selection similar to mine. Make sure the Snap option is checked (View - Snap).


Fig. 4

Then hit the Delete key to get rid of the selected area. Deselect.

Now repeat on the left side of the button.


Fig. 5

Go back to layer 1 and duplicate it - layer 3.
Move this layer below the layer 1 layer and use the Free transform tool to make it look like like fig. 5.
Then change the Drop Shadow layer style to Distance: 2 pixels and Size: 5 pixels.


Fig. 6
Then duplicate layer 3 - call it layer 4, and drag it below the layer 3 layer.
Then I used the Edit - Transform - Scale option, and entered Width: 103%, Height: 90%.

Fig. 7

Now go back to layer 1 and add a scanline Pattern Overlay layer style. To do this just download my scanline psd-file, open it in Photoshop - Select all - Edit - Define pattern - and name it Scanlines.
(PS! To make the scanlines show I changed the Gradient Overlay mode to MULTIPLY!)

To see how my Pattern Overlay window looks like click here.
Then change the Drop Shadow layer style to Distance: 2 pixels and Size: 2 pixels.


My final result.

Just added some inset lines to add some details...

Any questions about this tutorial? Please post them in the FORUM.


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